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“Chunky Monkey” is the latest release from ADR, the avatar of Aaron David Ross, multimedia artist and member of the of the critically acclaimed Gatekeeper duo. Lauded as “bright, erotic and alive” by The New York Times, ADR has demonstrated his spirited, panache production style across a variety of projects over the last several years. He now readies his sophomore solo LP, “Chunky Monkey”, for release this spring on Hippos in Tanks.

“Chunky Monkey” is bristling phazer phunk; distended downtempo served as schizoid lifestyle music. Alone in his basement studio in NYC, ADR has re-assembled the constituents of everyday music consumption, ruminating on reality TV musical realism and the globalized flavors of “stock” music. These experiments are worked into a collage of stoned vocal scats and toothsome puns; wholesome exotica and woozy, schizophrenic pop.

A collection of airtight compositions which flex a range of influences, “Chunky Monkey” recalls the smoothness of big beat, trip hop & reggae against the hard swing of acid jazz. It fuses the silky cheese of Musak with the melancholy plush of jungle & downbeat. Through precise and idiosyncratic blends, ADR conjures a sound for shopping malls and/or space stations; a shark-eyed jest downloaded from the fractured fizz of New Consumerism.

This primate ain’t foolin’ around!