ADR – Magico Mixfile

Throw on a robe, clap off your lights and fire up an e-cig—relaxation is mandatory while soaking up ADR’s lounge-tastic “Magico Mix”. As one half of Gatekeeper, Aaron David Ross specializes in forbidding extraterrestrial environments, but “Chunky Monkey”, his new solo debut album for label Hippos in Tanks (out now), hits closer to home. Chunky Monkey vivisects the frictionless textures of modern consumer environments, exposing alien weirdness within the sounds of iPhone games and self-serve Fro-Yo joints. ADR’s contribution to our mix series explores the album’s distinctly 90s roots, infusing a copacetic cocktail of jazzy trip-hop and easy-listening breakbeats with a bitter squeeze of vintage dub-techno dread. Look out for choice cuts from the likes of Tricky and Burning Spear, and peep our Q&A with the man himself here.